Who was Avner?

Avner Nahmani, our Foundation's namesake

Avner was fit, healthy and passionate about his creative pursuits including photography, travelling and cooking.

His 56 years of experience crossed cultures, countries and careers. It shaped a man that people admired, respected and loved for his sense of humour, his sense of equality and his pragmatic and astute approach to getting things done.

This same pragmatic approach extended to the incurable and inoperable disease that eventually took his life just 13 months after diagnosis – Pancreatic Cancer. Despite the impact that this cancer was to have on Avner and his family, he was struck not by the unfairness of what was happening to him, but the unfairness that this disease had been left for decades in the 'too hard' basket. Very little funding and therefore very little research has been dedicated to Pancreatic Cancer; a fact demonstrated in the statistics – no cure, no early detection tests and survival rates unchanged in 40 years.

Reflecting on the time that followed his diagnosis Avner wrote ‘what was left of life suddenly sparkled’, and it certainly did. He lived life simply but fully, enjoying time with his wife, family and friends and continuing to pursue his interests as well as adding a few extras like swimming and golf.

Avner and his wife Caroline, established the Avner Nahmani Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund to raise both the funds and the profile of Pancreatic Cancer research, in the hope of having it permanently removed from the 'too hard' basket.