What we've achieved

Our key milestones

Raised over $10m for Pancreatic Cancer in just 10 years

Funded $7,000,000 of groundbreaking Australian medical research into Pancreatic Cancer

Established and hosted Australia’s only Pancreatic Cancer Research Symposium

Developed Australia’s only independent expert Scientific Advisory Panel dedicated exclusively to Pancreatic Cancer

Established our Put Your Foot Down community walks across 7 Australian capital cities

Hosted the National Strategy for Pancreatic Cancer Research

Ten years of progress

Since the Foundation was founded, we have invested in clinical trials, genomics research and surgical and other workshops. We have funded over 20 research grants, with many of the recipients managing to leverage further funding on the back of the initial research work that the Avner Foundation made possible.

In fact, more than $5 million has been added to our seed funding from other sources, which is a testament to the quality of Pancreatic Cancer research undertaken in Australia. It also highlights the exceptional work of our Scientific Advisory Panel under the leadership of Professor Ross McKinnon, who assesses each grant application and evaluates those they believe have the greatest chance of success and impact on the disease.

The five-year survival rate has slowly increased from the 5% it was at the time of our early beginnings, to its current 9.8% (Source: AIHW).

While this is amazing progress, it is nowhere near enough - this is why we have a larger goal in sight, to raise and invest funding to support research that doubles the number of survivors.

We believe that 91% of patients diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer should not have to say goodbye to their loved ones within only five years of diagnosis – we owe it to them and their families to do more.