Our Vision

At our annual Strategy Session in 2012, one of the key topics we discussed and debated was what the Vision should be for Avner’s Foundation.

We knew that fundamentally we could not do everything we would like and is needed for Pancreatic Cancer and so rather than spreading our resources too thinly, we chose to focus. Having considered that 5-year survival rates in Australia are woeful at 5.2% (see 2012 AIHW Report), we decided the best we could do for Pancreatic Cancer sufferers and their families was to tackle the survival rates. Improving survival rates means focusing on research. Having decided on research and improving survival rates, we discussed whether we put in targets to achieve and a timeframe. It is much easier and less challenging to have a Vision such as ‘aiming to improve survival rates’ rather than one with concrete goals. However, the belief is that progress is made by having specific, measurable targets.

Our Vision that is guiding any investment decisions we now make is:

"To break through 40 years of no progress by doubling the
number of people who survive Pancreatic Cancer by 2020"