Pancreatic Cancer Facts

The facts about Pancreatic Cancer are confronting and upsetting to read.

  • 6.1% chance of surviving beyond 5 years.
  • The lowest survival rate of the 27 most common cancers.
  • Median survival is between 3 and 6 months.
  • During the period 1982 to 2007, 40,547 new cases were diagnosed and the number of subsequent deaths to 2010 were 39,323.
  • For all cancers combined, the five-year survival rate has increased from 46.9% for the period 1982-1987 to 66.1% during the period 2006-2010. Contrast that with Pancreatic Cancer, which has increased from 3.0% to 5.2%.
  • A person is more likely to die of Pancreatic Cancer in Australia than from a road accident.

Avner’s Foundation is the only Foundation in Australia exclusively focused on Pancreatic Cancer. The above statistics are why we exist and why we are driven to achieving double the number of Pancreatic Cancer survivors by 2020.

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