Tip Top


Tip Top® Bakeries started after World War 2 with the amalgamation of several small bakeries in NSW and Victoria. Proudly a part of the George Weston Foods Limited group of companies we continued to grow through re-building existing bakeries and acquiring new bakeries throughout Australia, New Zealand and China. In the past 50 years we’ve developed some much-loved household brand names including Sunblest®, 9Grain™, UP™ and Tip Top® as well as our other well-known brands of Golden®, Bürgen®, Abbott’s Village Bakery™ and Bazaar®. Tip Top® bread has been enjoyed by generations of Australians. Tip Top® is the most recognisable food brand in Australia and a true Australian icon. We have a history that spans six decades and today there are more than 5,000 people in the Tip Top team! In Australia alone we bake in excess of one million products a day for distribution to supermarkets, schools, food service, fast food outlets, hospitals and stores throughout the country.

Good On Ya Mum, Tip Top's the One

Tip Top is proud to be a donator to the Avner's Foundation with making a donation of our quality bread to help support "Put Your Foot Down" walk 2013.