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Starting out as a small dry cleaning store in Melbourne in 1946, Spotless now employs around 38,000 people in a variety of industries across Australia and New Zealand.

Spotless offers businesses increased efficiency through extensive support services offered as a single service or integrated service solution including: catering, asset maintenance and facility management, cleaning, laundry and linen, waste management, environmental services, security and many more.

As a large diverse company, Spotless today remains committed to the family values that we have lived by since day one. These values include honesty, respect and loyalty.

We’ll take care of it.

Spotless is proud to support Avner Nahmani’s Pancreatic Cancer Foundation by purchasing a gold table at the Best Things in Life dinner. People come first for us. No matter where we meet them and no matter what their role, we treat them the way we like to be treated. That’s the Spotless way.