Project Title: Seeing is believing: Mapping and targeting the extracellular matrix in pancreatic cancer

Garvan Associate Professor Paul Timpson image

Institution: The Garvan Institute for Medical Research

Principal Investigator: Associate Professor Paul Timpson

Position Held: Laboratory Head, Cancer Invasion & Metastasis Group, Kinghorn Cancer Centre, The Garvan Institute of Medical Research

Time required to complete project: 3 years

Project Summary: A cancer cell’s surroundings significantly impact on disease progression. The team at the Garvan have devised a new way to dissolve cells from tumours, leaving behind the delicate 3D-architecture of the matrix to study and tap into the vast and currently unexplored reservoir of anti-cancer matrix targets in this disease.

This project will target matrix components (using antibodies or drugs) and assess whether these matrix components alter tumour growth, survival or invasion with the aim of creating new targets for this deadly disease.

This new approach will be available to the research community so other teams nationally and internationally can gain from this knowledge and create a continued source for new drug therapies in pancreatic cancer.