Project Title:  Harnessing a Novel 'Tunable' Immune Check Point to Enhance the Immunogenicity of Anti-Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma

Associate Professor Shane Grey 300x400

Grant: Innovation Grant 2017

Institution: The Garvan Institute of Medical Research

Principal Investigator: Associate Professor Shane Grey

Position Held: Associate Professor, The Garvan Institute of Medical Research - Immunology Division

Time required to complete project: 1 year

Project Summary: As a result of the genomic analysis of thousands of samples, the team at the Garvan has found a ‘volume control’ switch that they believe allows for the ‘tuning' of the immune system to be more or less aggressive. This project will test the idea that a patients T cells can be ‘tuned’ to increase the ability of their own immune system to find, infiltrate, and kill pancreatic cancer cells. Dr Grey hopes that this genetic switch can be reset in patients with pancreatic cancer to make their own immune system much better at hunting down and destroying their cancer cells.