Project Title: : Utilising a novel predictor to stratify patients with therapy-resistant pancreatic cancer for treatment with CHK inhibitor drugs to improve responses and outcomes

Dr Petranel Ferrao 300x400

Grant: Innovation Grant 2016

Institution: The University of Melbourne

Principal Investigator: Dr Petranel Ferrao

Position Held: Honorary Associate

Time required to complete project: 1 year

Project Summary: Pancreatic cancer patients have very low survival rates and desperately need new therapies to improve outcomes. We have identified a marker that may be useful for identifying some cancers that are responsive to new targeted CHK inhibitor drugs. We will utilise pancreatic cancer laboratory models and patient samples to validate this marker, so that it can be used to select pancreatic cancer patients who will benefit from these drugs to enhance treatment responses, improve outcomes and in-turn increase patient survival rates.

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