Project Title: A new therapy for Pancreatic Cancer that improves tumour microenvironment and immune cell penetration

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Principal Investigator: Prof Jennifer Gamble and Prof Mathew Vadas, AO

Position Held: Jennifer Gamble is Faculty and Head, Vascular Biology Program - Centenary Institute (appointed 2007), Wenkart Chair of the Endothelium (Appointed 2011) and Mathew Vadas is Executive Director - Centenary Institute (appointed 2007)

Project Summary: The two major influences on the outcome of Pancreatic Cancer are the individual genetic changes in the cancer and the submissive tumour microenvironment. This application lays the groundwork for a new drug that favourably alters the tumour microenvironment. The drug should be useful for ALL patients regardless of the state of progression of the disease. This will be a major breakthrough in disease treatment.

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