Apple Day for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness and Fundraising Initiatives

Thursday, 06 April 2017 Posted in News, 2017

Anyone who has been involved with Pancreatic Cancer understands its vicious cycle, insufficient awareness and funding means it has fallen way behind in medical research. The lack of research means Pancreatic Cancer is almost always diagnosed when a sufferer is close to death. Almost no survivors means almost no awareness, which is why it receives insufficient funding.

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Cracking this vicious cycle was the challenge we gave to a room full of brilliant minds on 1st March. We were thrilled to have over 90 team members from one of the world’s most innovative companies, Apple, dedicate a day to Avner’s Foundation. Our goal was to inspire the team to come up with awareness and fundraising initiatives to substantially increase research, and accelerate the impact Avner’s Foundation can have on the disease.

The facts we faced them with are stark: Pancreatic Cancer has a 5-year survival rate of just 8% and a median survival of just 3-6 months. Avner’s Foundation has already invested more than $5m into grants funding and other research initiatives to improve those statistics, but history proves that the more dollars invested in medical research, the sooner a breakthrough arrives.

The Apple team leapt at the challenge with great enthusiasm and genuine empathy. Many brilliant suggestions were made and are now being considered for further development by the Avner Foundation. It was a truly inspiring day.

A huge thank you to Apple for dedicating this day to us and the Centenary Institute for hosting us and Professor Jenny Gamble for speaking to the group about her decades of research including more recently the research that is funded through an Avner’s Foundation Accelerator Grant. It gave insight to those attending of the years required to make progress in research.

Stay tuned over the coming months as we turn these ideas into awareness and fundraising initiatives.