Sydney 2016 "Put Your Foot Down" Walk for Pancreatic Cancer

Thursday, 18 August 2016 Posted in Past Events, 2016

Our 8th annual Sydney walk for Pancreatic Cancer will always be remembered as the $1million walk! We had a total of 372 participants and an amazing $31,783 being raised for the day which took the total raised from all our national walks which started at Palm Beach in Sydney in 2009 to a staggering $1million!

An amazing result and a credit to all the people who have registered, fundraised, donated, dressed up and helped out in the walks over the last 7 years!

On the weekend prior to the walk a BBQ fundraiser took place at Woolworths Balgowlah to not only raise funds, but to advertise the walk to all the local shoppers who flock to Woolworths on the weekend. A very big thank you to Woolwroths, Coca-Cola Amatil and Beak & Johnston for their generous donations and to Jamie, Don, Nikki, Susan, Peter, Niki and Ben.

As previous storms had damaged the walkway from Shelly Beach to Manly we were forced to find a new location along the beautiful Manly Beach. The venue chosen for our 8th annual walk was located on the lawn area 150m north of North Steyne Surf Lifesaving Club. The crowds were out in full force and we had lots of late registrations from passers-by who were fascinated by the “sea of purple” people and the chance to join in on the fun.

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  • BBQ fundraiser that took place at Woolworths Balgowlah the weekend prior to walk..

  • Late registrations and wristband pickups underway.

  • Our food tent already doing business

  • Ladies in Purple!.

  • An Angel appeared!

  • NSW Premier Mike Baird was a special guest.

  • Teams were once again well represented - Mike Baird joined in.

  • Another proud group walking for the cause.

  • Walkers certainly took up the purple challenge!

  • Ready to start - a keen bunch of walkers.

  • Getting very excited now!

  • NSW Premier Mike Baird certainly has his supporters too!

  • Also showing their support were those from Team Jennie.

This year we were lucky to have the services of the Beaks & Sons ute fitted with twin BBQ’s. The team from Beak & Sons, Graham Spicer and Ben Lysle (ably assisted by his daughter, Gabbie) cooked bacon and eggs, onions and sausages all morning for our hungry walkers (and quite a few locals).

Thank you to all our fantastic team of volunteers who keep coming back each year and do whatever is asked of them. A big thank you to the following;

  • Maysoon El-Ahmed and Anne Edwards who powered through the sea of people registering on the day and handing out wrist bands to the people who had pre-registered
  • Jude Hawkes who singlehandedly manned the merchandise store and continuously sold our t-shirts and caps throughout the morning
  • The BBQ team from Beak & Sons
  • Andrew Brooke, Gary Edwards and Sietse Pos who sold the food and drinks all morning to the hungry crowd (and helpers)
  • Sam O’Brien for all her help with photos, social media and knowledge of the eftpos machines!
  • Rick Lovett, our Marshall co-ordinator, and his band of “Lovetts”
    Jacinta, Natalie, Anthony and Ash Gholker made sure all our walkers knew where to go.
  • Ben Hosking – for volunteering again to help with First Aid and a special thank you to Graham Lugsdin (First Aid Officer Queenscliff Surf Lifesaving Club) for volunteering to be on call and Cath Schmelzer for making herself available as well.

A very special thank you to Anne Edwards and the “Bold and Beautiful Swim Squad” in Manly who held a “bake sale” on Saturday morning at the Manly Life Saving Club and then decided to hold another one on Sunday morning just prior to the walk with all proceeds donated to the Sydney walk.

It was an honour to have the Premier of New South Wales, Mike Baird, start the walk this year and we thank him for making our $1million walk so memorable.

This day would not be possible without the generosity of the companies who continue to help and support us at every walk in every state;

  • Beak & Sons who donated all the sausages, BBQ and time
  • Coca-Cola Amatil who donated the drinks
  • Muk Haircare Global who generously donated their product for us to use as prizes on the day to our top fundraisers - individual and teams and also our most creatively dressed child and team. The recipients were delighted with their “goody bags”
  • Woolworths for their continuing help and support
  • Woolworths Balgowlah for helping us run the BBQ at their premises on the weekend prior to our walk
  • Wellcom Worldwide

Congratulations to our winners on the day;

Highest Fundraisers - Group
1st - Karitane – “Walk with Gennine” - $1787.10
2nd – “Team Nat” - $1783.00
3rd – “Team Ed” - $1382.20

Highest Fundraiser - Individual
1st - Libby Latimore for "Mr. Nick" $1368.20
2nd - Kate Anderson for "Hell's Bells" $1165.80
3rd - Marc Washbourne for "The Washbourne's Who Wander" $1,104.80

Most Creatively Dressed:

Child: Olive from Team Weir

Adult: Erin and Hannah - The Grapes

Thank you to our amazing walkers who all came together for one reason - to help us raise funds! We loved meeting you all and thank you for your feedback, offers of help and sharing your stories of love and hope with us!

Bring on 2017!

Check out the full photo gallery of the walk here.