Brisbane steps out for Pancreatic Cancer

Thursday, 03 December 2015 Posted in Past Events, 2015

A hot steamy morning was no match for the 208 Queenslanders who supported our fourth Brisbane “Put Your Foot Down” walk. Thankfully the wild hailstone storm that passed through Brisbane in the afternoon didn’t hit in the morning! Thank you to all who registered / fundraised and donated, $13,669 has been raised so far. This desperately needed money will help advance research into the disease, but more than anything my wish is that the walk helps those that are going through it, have a loved one going through it or those that have lost someone to the disease. You are not alone.

Online donations can be done for many months so this figure is likely to increase. We couldn’t do the walk without such wonderful volunteers who give up their Sunday morning to come and help out and not just this morning, but in the planning of it.

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  • Our volunteer cooks are getting up to speed.

  • Merchandise ready for business.

  • Teams were well represented once again.

  • As usual, some stretching needed before the walk and it appears all are up to it!

  • Looks like everyone is keen for this walk to start.

  • What an energetic bunch of walkers. Go Brisbane!

  • Still in fine walking form.

  • One of our dedicated Marshalls.

  • One of our award winners accepts his prize.

  • And another steps up to accept hers.

We are incredibly lucky to have the corporate sponsors that we have whose support has been so generous and so unwavering over the years. If we did not have this it would mean we would have much lower funds available for research. They not only help by donating products and services, but many of their staff volunteer at our walks. Thank you to Woolworths, Coca-Cola Amatil, Muk Hair Care, Beak & Sons, Wellcom and Red Jelly for your generous, unwavering support. Thank you also to Deep Grey who donated professional photo shoot gift vouchers as prizes.

Thank you to Brett from Velocity Fitness Health who stepped up and kindly did the warm up exercises. Thank you also to Sami Adams Photography for the great shots of this morning. See you next year Brisbane!

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