Hobart “Put Your Foot Down” Walk 2013

Tuesday, 12 November 2013 Posted in Past Events, 2013

Bellerive Rotary Park was the site of our new walk location for Hobart. Blundstone Arena flanks it on one side and Bellerive Beach on the other so it was easy to see why it was chosen with views of the River Derwent and Mount Wellington.

Our special guest was the deputy mayor of Clarence, Ald Jock Campbell and Jock and Caroline Kelly, Director and co founder of the Foundation, both spoke. it was especially pleasing to see MLC Vanessa Goodwin amongst the attendees as well as Robyn Turner who flew from Melbourne to attend having missed out on the Melbourne walk earlier in the year.

Prior to the commencement of the walk the ‘warm up’ crew of Matt, James and Nick from the Clarence Football Club, put the walkers through their paces.

So far income of $2,777 has been raised which is marginally ahead of last year, despite the number of registrations being down, perhaps an influence of the poor weather conditions.

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  • Day of the walk and all ready.

  • Late registrations underway.

  • Merchandise sales also underway.

  • Catering up and ready too!

  • Co-founder and Foundation Chair Caroline Kelly welcomes everyone.

  • Deputy Mayor of Clarence, Ald Jock Campbell addressed the walkers.

  • Local Clarence Football Club players Matt, James and Nick were on-hand to warm the walkers up.

  • The warm-up routine is now in full swing!

  • These walkers look like professionals!

  • Our 2013 Walkers.

  • Walkers spread out along the beach.

  • A few stairs to traverse.

  • Our Marshall's direct all kinds of walkers!

  • Walk completed!

We sincerely thank, all those who participated, fund-raised, donated products/services to it, organised it and volunteered at the walk:

MC Peter Edwards, Ald Campbell,

Clarence Football Club

Woolworths Sandy Bay team led by Denis Grimes

Coca-Cola Amatil team led by Aaron Vince

Alex Nicholson, Catherine Nicholson, Justine Bridgland, Peter Kube, Sue Kube, Eoin Nicholson, Áine Nicholson, Sarah Klempke, Hendryk Klempke, Mary Mallett and Bridget Mallett.

Corporate sponsors:

Woolworths, Wellcom, Coca-Cola Amatil, Red Jelly, Mr Beaks, Cripps Nubake, Tasmanian Bakeries

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