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1st Hobart Walk

Tuesday, 04 October 2011 Posted in Past Events, 2011

1st Hobart Walk

On Sunday 25th September our first walk in Tasmania was held at Wentworth Park, Hobart. Tasmania is blessed with many stunning beaches and the beaches along the walk are no exception.

66 people registered for the walk and more than $2,300 was raised. This money will go towards the Garvan’s vital research into mapping the genetics of Pancreatic Cancer tumours.

Mona Vale Golf Club's "House B" Social Group

Tuesday, 07 December 2010 Posted in Past Events, 2010

Mona Vale Golf Club's

To the absolute delight of all here at Avner's Fund, the ladies of Mona Vale Golf Club's "House B" social group chose Avner's Fund to be the recipient of donations from their inaugural fund raising event held on the 26th Oct 2010.

The weather was perfect which was very lucky considering how temperamental it has been lately and the picturesque setting overlooking the ocean, couldn't have been improved on.